Car & Auto Loans

Unless you’re an Olympic cyclist, it’s tough to survive without a car. That’s where we come in. Our car loans in Kansas City can help you buy the car you need to get around — both in the metro area and beyond. Never again will you worry about missing the bus or bumming rides from friends. Let us help you with the financing so you can spend more time compiling your new-car playlist.

Mazuma Credit Union Car Loans:

  • Rates as low as 4.39% APR*.
  • Terms up to 84 months for qualified Members.
  • Financing up to 100% for qualified Members.
  • Apply online, in branch or by phone.
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New & Used Auto Rates Rates as low as 4.39%
Account Term APR* Conditions
New Autoup to 84 monthsAs low as 4.39%up to $100,000
Motorcycleup to 84 monthsAs low as 5.39%up to $100,000
RV and Boat††up to 180 monthsAs low as 5.39%up to $100,000
Used Autoup to 84 monthsAs low as 4.39%up to $100,000

Rates Effective April 1, 2019

Find Your Car

Hate driving around aimlessly looking for the right dealership? Think how your poor GPS feels. Cut it some slack by finding your new vehicle right here. New or used — just pick the make, model, year and amount you want to spend. We’ll do the rest!

Start Your Search

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Motorcycle, RV & Boat

Whether you want to hear the sweet sounds of a roaring engine, explore new places in a home on wheels, or do your best Jack Sparrow impression on the open water, we’ll help you buy that new toy you’ve always wanted.

Stop Dreaming, Start Buying

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Calculators & Tools

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This isn’t math class — so put your pencil away and let us handle the hard part. From car loan rates to financing options, our easy-to-use calculators will help you make a smart car buying decision that works with your budget. We won’t even ask you to show your work.

Crunch the Numbers

GAP Protection

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Let’s say you have a sweet new Bug that’s worth $21,000 but you still owe $24,000 on it. In the insurance world, that $3,000 “gap” makes you "upside down" on your loan. If it gets totaled, your insurance company is only going to pay you the $21k that it’s worth. So you’d still have to make payments on the remaining $3,000 for a car that no longer exists. Bummer.

Basically, the gap is the difference between your car's actual value (determined by your insurance company) and how much you still owe on it.

Good News: We have a protection plan that will cover the gap like mayo on a turkey sandwich, thereby covering the total balance of your loan.