Presidents' Day

Hi there! In celebration of Presidents' Day, Mazuma will be closed on Monday, February 15. This includes all branches as well as the call center. See you soon!

Why Mazuma Credit Union?

Yeah, we’ve got great products and services, but we’re different in how we serve them up to you. So don’t be surprised when you walk into a branch and see fist bumps, high fives and smiles. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. It’s why you’ll love us.

Need more? Check out the video below so you can get a front row view of what we’re all about.

Join Mazuma Credit Union

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So you wanna be a Member? Can’t say we blame you. It’s super easy. You’ve seen Fight Club, right? Yeah, we’re not like that. Here’s the scoop:

If you live or work in Jackson, Cass or Clay counties in Missouri or Wyandotte or Johnson County in Kansas, you’re in. If you’re related to a current Mazuma Member, that gets you in. If you’re a federal employee or a member of a Select Employee Group, then hop on this Mazuma train, because you’re in, baby.

Joining is easy. Just give us a call or visit any Mazuma Credit Union office, and we’ll hook you up. You can open an account online. Like, right now. Just click that big button.

Call 816-361-4194

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Car & Auto Loans

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Do you dig rates as low as 2.99% APR?* Does up to 100% financing make you feel groovy? Then we’ve got the keys to the Cadillac — or whatever you use to get around. Cruise to our auto loans page to get the lowdown. Only then will we stop talking in the deep, soulful voice you’ve been reading this in, baby.


We’re not mathematicians (OK, some of us are), but we think we’ve got this one figured out: Great Rates = Happy Member. Take that, Einstein.

We're a not-for-profit corporation, so our dividends go back to create the lowest interest rates on loan products and offer some of the highest rates on our savings and CDs. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Here's the rates on the menu today:


We’re not saying we went to school for hashtagging, but we have found that it’s just another way to make you smile, and for you to get to know us and for us to answer your questions. So, follow and tweet @MazumaCU, or Like us on Facebook and join the conversation. We can connect on Linkedin, or hang out in each other’s circle on Google+, and without a doubt check out our blog!

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Does fun and positivity seep through your pores like a fever you can’t sweat out? Do you think the glass is half full, even when it’s completely empty?

If the answers to these are yes, or “I think so,” or “This is weird but I’m totally going with it,” then YOU might be a Mazuman.

What’s a Mazuman? Simply put, Mazumans are fun, dynamic, interesting people who happen to be employed by Mazuma Credit Union.

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Mazuma loves Kansas City. And we show it by taking an active role in financial education, the arts and community development. When Mazuma gives, we don't just write a check. We get hands-on. So keep an eye out for a group of supercharged Mazumans in your area. Better yet, roll up your sleeves and join us. We’re out to make Kansas City a happier place to live and work.

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