Skip-A-Payment this holiday season!

Credit Card with Bow

Put a little extra cash in your pocket for holiday gifts, bills or end-of-the-year expenses by skipping your January Mazuma Visa credit card payment.†

Enroll before your due date!

To allow sufficient time to process your request, you must submit the enrollment form at least 5 business days before your January due date.

Enrolled in automatic payments?

If you send your Mazuma credit card payment via an automatic payment from a bank account other than Mazuma, please be sure to cancel your automatic payment for the month you have selected. If your automatic payment is paid from a Mazuma account, we will stop this automatic payment for you.

Offer expires 1/31/2019

†Boring Disclosures: Membership with Mazuma required. To be eligible, cardmember must be in good standing. Offer does not apply to the first payment of a newly issued credit card. Please note that interest on your account will continue to accrue. You may only skip one payment. Your original payment schedule will be in effect the following month. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer expires 1/31/19.

Online Skip-A-Payment Enrollment Form

Submit this form at least 5 business days before your credit card due date. You will need to supply the last 4 digits of your Mazuma Account Number (not your Visa Account number). All fields are required.

Be sure to enter ONLY the last 4 digits of your ACCOUNT number, NOT your credit card number!

Enter your mother’s maiden name.

Enter your 10 digit phone number with area code.

By submitting this form you acknowledge that you are aware that interest on your credit card account will continue to accrue.