Understanding Personal Loans

At Mazuma Credit Union, we have solutions for all of your financial needs — even those you may not have planned for. Our personal loan services can help you obtain the cash you need today without the hassle of traditional banks.

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What is a Personal Loan?

In a sense, that’s really up to you. Many people use these loans to fund large purchases — like remodeling a room or starting a small business. Others choose to pay off debt or apply the money to unexpected expenses, like major car repairs. Personal loans from Mazuma offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Immediate cash. You’ll know if you qualify for the loan within a few hours and have the funds within the next business day.
  • Simple, no-hassle application. We know you, so we won’t ask for a bunch of documentation.
  • Fixed term, fixed rate. You know your monthly payments, which makes it easy to fit your budget.
  • Low minimum loan amounts. You can borrow as little as $3,000.

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What Can I Use a Personal Loan For?

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Your money, your choice. Consolidate credit card debt with a monthly fixed rate. Pay off pricey medical bills or auto repairs. Update your kitchen or fix a leaky roof. Take your dream vacation. We’re here to help you secure the money you need — it’s up to you how to spend it.

Why Choose Mazuma?

We don’t answer to Wall Street — we answer to the good folks in Kansas City, Overland Park, and everywhere in between who make up the Mazuma family. That’s because, as a credit union, all of the money we make goes back to our Members in the form of more competitive rates. It’s our way of saying thanks to the people who deserve it most — people like you.

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