Motorcycle, RV & Boat Loans

We’re known for our auto loans, but we can also help you purchase other fun toys. So whether you want to spend a day on the lake or a week on the road, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more about our easy motorcycle financing, RV loan rates and boat financing.

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Motorcycle Loans

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Imagine: The wind blowing through your hair. The sky overhead. The road(kill) beneath you. Mazuma gets you there on your bike. Get off the beaten path with Motorcycle loan rates as low as 5.39%* APR for qualified Members.

RV Loans

Call us Bob Barker ’cause you just won the Showcase Showdown! With an RV, you can travel in comfort and throw your check-in time out the window. Just don’t litter. There are laws against that, probably.

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Boat Loans

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You don’t have to be Jack Sparrow to be the captain of the sea. Party on the lake, fish, sail or hunt down pirates in the Caribbean with your new boat. Arrr you down, matey?