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If you’ve ever driven through Kansas City or Overland Park during rush hour, you know that there’s plenty that can go wrong out on the road. There’s always a new accident, flat tire, or empty gas tank that ruins someone’s day.

Before that happens to you, make sure you’re covered. With Mazuma Insurance Services car insurance, we’ll set you up with your own personal agent who can help you find the right level of coverage for your needs. Here’s an overview of our services — and how they can keep you on the road.

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Why do I need auto insurance?

Since jetpack travel has yet to be perfected, we’re all stuck with standard four-wheels-on-the-ground transportation. And with a bunch of two-ton metal torpedoes whizzing along the highways, there’s plenty of potential for costly damage. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the average collision claim in 2013 was $3,144. That’s much more than a little sock-drawer money.

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What does auto insurance cover?

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Mazuma Insurance Services auto insurance covers damage to another vehicle or property in the event you are at fault in an accident — that all-important liability insurance that you’re legally required to have. Pretty important stuff, but did you know it can do a whole lot more? You can also choose a plan that overs:

  • Damage to your car in case of an accident
  • Medical expenses caused by an accident
  • Car rental while your car is at the collision repair shop
  • Emergency roadside assistance (flat tire, locked out, out of gas) and tow truck

The Mazuma Difference

At Mazuma Insurance Services, we prefer to keep things simple. Low car insurance rates, comprehensive coverage. That’s what we’re all about. Here, you can enjoy the convenience of having your banking and insurance needs served in one place. And you’ll never be connected with a call center — you’ll receive real, personalized service from your dedicated agent. We work with nine different insurance companies to compare rates and coverage, so come visit us in Kansas City or Overland Park for a car insurance estimate that fits your budget and your coverage needs.

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