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A pink ceramic pig may’ve done the job when you were a kid. But you’re older now, and the thought of saving your hard-earned money in a hollowed out hog has probably lost your interest. Well, now’s the chance to earn some back. When starting a savings account at Mazuma Credit Union you will start to see dividends today.

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Savings Rates Rates as high as 0.15% APY**
Account Daily Balance Rate APY**
Regular | Special Share | IRA$100 - $9990.050%0.05%
Regular | Special Share | IRA$1,000 - $9,9990.150%0.15%
Regular | Special Share | IRA$10,000 +0.150%0.15%

Rates Effective April 1, 2019

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Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or hope to go on your dream vacation to Hawaii, we have some of the best savings accounts to help you achieve your financial goals.


Regular Savings

All Mazuma Members have one of these. This account makes you an owner in Mazuma.

Special Share Savings

Save for anything you want. Give this account your own name to help achieve your goal.

Holiday Share Savings

Save for the holidays all through the year.

Access to nationwide, surcharge-free ATMs
Free Online and Mobile Banking
Free Mobile Check Deposit
Free Bill Pay
Free Mazuma Visa Debit Card
Earns Dividends 1 1 1
Minimum Deposit $100 None None
Interest Rate      
$100 – $999 Daily Balance 0.05% APY** 0.05% APY** 0.05% APY**
$1,000 – $9,999 Daily Balance 0.15% APY** 0.15% APY** 0.15% APY**
$10,000 + Daily Balance 0.15% APY** 0.15% APY** 0.15% APY**
Monthly Service Charge None None None

View Fee Schedule Rates Effective April 1, 2019

1 Balances above $100 earn dividends on a day-in, day-out basis, paid at month-end.

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CDs (Certificate of Deposit)

You’ve got big goals, and our family of CDs is here to help you reach them. With a wide variety of rates and terms, we’ve got the options you need to help your money start makin’ money.

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Red MM for Money Market

Money Market

Consider this the gymnast of the group because it’s über-flexible. Earn higher rates as your balance grows, all while having the flexibility to make a limited amount of free withdrawals.

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