There’s this term out there that people like to use called “Corporate Social Responsibility.” It’s a long way to say something so simple: We want to make Kansas City a better place to live and work. A lot of people have helped us along the way, so we created an opportunity to give back. This is our commitment. Our pact. To contribute to the social and economic development in the communities we serve. We focus our efforts on three main areas: Financial Education, the Arts, and Community Development.

So far, we’ve volunteered 4,663 hours. That’s roughly equal to 194 days, 6 months or watching all seven Star Wars movies back-to-back 301 times.

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The Good Meter

Volunteered hours to date: 4,663 hours

3/2014 to 7/2016

Spotlight on the Happy Brigade

Tis the season of giving, and the Mazuma Happy Brigade delivered plenty of smiles (and gifts) to the kids at Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Ho-ho-how awesome.

Morning Glory Café

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Mazumans volunteering at the Morning Glory Café. From left to right: Jake Hoffman, Bev Jones, Matt Turner, Mark Thompson, Camille Stephenson and Venita Hill.

Jason Gyles will never forget the first time he and his Mazuma teammates volunteered at the Morning Glory Café in downtown Kansas City.

Gyles woke up late that morning and raced over to the café without eating breakfast. “Uh, I’m starving!” he said to himself. But once he arrived at the food pantry and saw the people he’d be serving, his perspective changed.

“I might have been hungry, a bit famished if you will, but I was definitely not starving,” Gyles said. “I have since refrained from using that phrase in my vocabulary.”

For over a year and half, Mazuma has volunteered on the fifth Tuesday of the month at Morning Glory Café. They prepare, serve and help clean up breakfast for crowds of up to 150 people. It’s a commitment that’s appreciated by the café organizers.

“They provide a hard-to-fill niche for us,” said Steve Bruns, coordinator at Morning Glory Café. “When the fifth Tuesday came up, I used to scramble for people because it doesn’t happen very often. By having Mazuma come on the fifth, I know I have enough people for that day.”

When the Mazuma team comes, it doesn’t just go through the motions. Each person volunteers with a fun and positive spirit that makes a lasting impact on both the café employees and their guests.

“When Mazuma volunteers, the people are enthusiastic,” said Bruns. “They love to serve our guests, and they’re very friendly and warm. It means so much that they show the love and concern for our guests that they deserve.”

Mazuma is no stranger to lending a hand in the community. The credit union is dedicated to making Kansas City a better place to live, work and bank. Over the past two and a half years, Mazuma team members have volunteered over 4,663 hours of their time in the metro area.

It may sound like a big feat, but really, it’s all just a part of the “Happy to Help” culture that they live every day.

“You can tell Mazuma isn’t in it for the profit, they’re in it for the community,” Bruns said. “They’re so happy whenever they come, and I always see the same faces. That’s the sign of a good company.”

Benefitting Annaboo

It’s hard to imagine the kind of adversity that 15-year-old Anna Sorel has been battling. A gymnast on the Olathe Northwest High School team, Anna was warming up on the uneven bars when she fell, just weeks into her freshman year of high school. The accident fractured her spinal cord, paralyzing her from the waist down. Anna had surgery the morning after her injury and is now fighting her way through rehab with all of the strength, grace and determination that you’d expect from a gymnast.

Roughly 300 supporters came to Mazuma HQ to help Anna and her family. In addition to enjoying the live music, the attendees dug deep into their pockets as well — the event raised over $15,500! We can’t take credit for the amazing hard work that Anna’s friends and family put in. We’re just thrilled we were able to host the event and do our part to help.

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Mazuma Foundation

The Mazuma Foundation is a charitable organization founded by Mazuma in 2015 in order to help make Kansas City a better place to live and work. Mazuma will donate 5% of its profits each year to the Foundation. The Foundation funds grants to non-profit organizations to support the following areas: Education, Arts and Community Development.

Financial Education, the Arts, and Community Development

We believe that financial education is pretty important, and that’s why we’ve invested time and resources into ensuring better availability of financial education to the greater Kansas City area. Our goal is to prepare students of all ages with the financial skills they need to succeed.

Speaking of students, we want kids to embrace their creative side. Somewhere along the road, that creative spirit can take a back seat to our busy lives. We want to bring it back. Creativity is an amazing gift, and we promise to do all we can to support the arts in KC.

As you might be able to tell, we love helping people. That resonates with us because it’s been part of the unofficial credit union credo for decades. Using a variety of strategies, we help people do what they naturally want to do — help other people. We strive to affect positive change and sustainable development in the communities that make up the greater Kansas City area.

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Awards and Accolades

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  • 1st Place — 2014 Louise Herring Award for Philosophy in Action
  • 1st Place — 2014 MCUA Desjardins Financial Education Award — Youth Category
  • 2nd Place — 2014 Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Award
  • 2nd Place — 2013 National CUNA Louise Herring Award for Philosophy in Action
  • 1st Place — 2013 MCUA Louise Herring Award for Philosophy in Action
  • 1st Place — 2013 MCUA Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Award
  • 1st Place — 2012 MCUA Desjardins Financial Education Award — Youth Category
  • 2nd Place — 2012 MCUA Louise Herring Award for Philosophy in Action
  • Honorable Mention — 2012 MCUA Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Award