Credit Unions Are Da Bomb

Look, you’ve already made your way to this site, so you likely suspect, and rightfully so, that credit unions are the superior choice. You, and 96 million others, nailed it. Credit unions offer lower rates on loans, higher rates on savings and better credit card deals. Oh, and their profits go right back to their Members in the form of dividends and better interest rates. We rest our case.

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Why CUs?

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Why not? Bet ya can’t answer that question. Don’t worry, no one can. Need more convincing? Probably not, but we’ll go on …

Credit unions are all about community. We love that stuff. We live in the community, we work in the community and we want to improve the community. That’s just one of the many reasons why credit unions are better.

We’re also a democratic organization, controlled by our Members, and our Members serve as elected representatives, so they have an actual say in all of our decisions. To put it in a super fancy way, credit unions rule and banks drool. Which leads us to …

Credit Union vs. Bank

As a not-for-profit financial institution, we exist solely for the benefit of our Members, not outside stockholders like other financial institutions. So, our earnings are returned to our Members in the form of competitive rates on loans and savings and new, innovative services. Like robotic tellers with laser beams attached to their head (coming fall 2055).

Differences at a Glance

  Credit Unions Banks
To Profit or Not to Profit … Not For Profit For Profit
You Are A … Member Customer
Owned by … Members Shareholders
Profits Benefit … Our Members Shareholders
Your Input … A Vote Comment Card
Robotic Laser Beam Tellers 2055 Never

What is a Credit Union?

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When you put your money in a bank, a lot of it leaves your community and ends up in a lot of places that may surprise you. This can lead to higher fees and other unpleasantries.

Credit unions keep your money close to home where it’s needed most. Here’s a cool little site that shows you why your money matters more with CU’s.

Visit the Make Your Money Matter Website

Take Action

Credit Unions are not for profit entities, and therefore tax exempt. However, big bad banks and some members of Congress want to raise taxes for credit unions, which will impose new fees on Members. Not cool. A tax on credit unions is a tax on you.

So, hashtag #DontTaxMyCU on twitter, or sign a petition, or click the giant red button to learn more about what this means, and how you can help change it so you can keep your hard earned money.

Visit Don’t Tax My Credit Union

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