Don’t Waste Your College Money!


The life of a college student can be a fairly expensive one. There’s only so much money in the bank, and you have plenty of expenses. Tuition is often the single greatest expense college students face every year. The average cost of tuition and fees for a public university, as a full-time, in-state student, is $8,650 (according to The College Board’s Trends in College Pricing). And, with tuition costs always on the rise, there’s little hope that costs will de-escalate. But the costs associated with college life don’t end with the check you write to the bursar’s office at the university.

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Teen Savings Accounts Are a Hot Item!

There’s no doubt that teenagers represent one of the largest consumer groups in America. With a high percentage of discretionary income (which is personal income after taxes, less any payments for personal bills), teens in America have been known to spend big on clothing, fashion accessories, electronics, and eating out in restaurants with friends. But at the same time, teens are smart with the money they earn from part-time jobs, allowance, or summertime employment. According to research on teen personal finance, nine out of ten teenagers in America have a personal savings account where they typically deposit over half their discretionary income. And given the fact that most teens live at home with their parents and don’t usually have a lot of bills to pay, the balances in these teen savings accounts grow really fast.

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Credit Union Trailblazer Award goes to Mazuma Credit Union’s CEO


Brandon Michaels received the prestigious nomination as ‘Credit Union Trailblazer’ by Credit Union Times magazine. Entrants must be 39 years of age or younger as of their nomination date. The ‘Trailblazers’ program was created to recognize exceptional young credit union execs who are working nearly 24/7 to change and improve the future of the credit union industry, thereby making credit unions better for their members. Credit Union Times will recognize 12 young credit union executives this year, which now includes Michaels.

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Save Money While You Travel: Summer Saving Tips

Summer is almost here, which means it’s just about time for summer vacation. Time for long plane flights, cross-country drives, hiking, biking, and everything in between. It’s also time to spend money. Spending skyrockets during summer as people take the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather and let their usually tight budgets slide a bit. Fortunately, your summer travels don’t have to deplete your wallet or leave you scrounging for the rest of the year. You can save plenty of cash by following these steps.

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Windfall Money: Resisting the Urge To Splurge

We all have a little dream that begins with a monetary windfall of some sort – a tidy sum of cash that comes to us off a winning lottery ticket or an inheritance from some long-lost relative. In this dream, we’re suddenly flush with more disposable cash than we could ever spend, and our only troubles are how to spend it and where to spend it. We should all have these troubles, yes?

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